Report on CSO / FOAG Concert at Pershore Abbey on 22nd June 2024

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    AboveConductor David Curtis with soloist Hannah Brooks-Hughes

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    AboveThe Orchestra receiving well-earned applause

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    AboveChristopher Sturdy, a FOAG Trustee, giving a post-interval update on FOAG's work

The Cheltenham Symphony Orchestra achieved remarkable success at Pershore Abbey, captivating an audience of over 200 attendees. Under the meticulous direction of conductor David Curtis, the orchestra delivered a flawless performance, showcasing their exceptional talent and precision.

The evening was further elevated by the outstanding solo performance of Hannah Brooks-Hughes, whose virtuosity and expressive playing received high praise. The combination of the orchestra's cohesive sound and the inspiring leadership of Curtis created an unforgettable musical experience, leaving a lasting impression on all who were present.

FOAG are excited to announce that Cheltenham Symphony Orchestra will be returning on Saturday, 5th July 2025 for another evening of music, and will include two works by Sibelius and a Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto.

If you are interested in booking tickets for the 2025 Concert, please email us at

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